Contact Details
Owner/Designer/Manager/Maker    Paul Mohally RenkPaul in downed timber

Cellular                                              8700-9705
Directions to workshop                    Del Iglesia Catolica, 800 mt abajo,
(Please call before visiting)                Cuachillo No.2, Ciudad Sandino
                                                           Managua, Nicaragua

My Quoting System
If you want a quote, please send me the following information:
        1. Name, phone & email, and location for the delivery of the ordered furniture.
        2. Dimensions of the room space where you want to place the furniture:
                                    height, width, & depth of room space
        3. Photograph of the space
        4. Description of the function of this furniture. (Example: queen sized bed with storage underneath & secret compartment)
I will make up a sketch with a 3D image and a delivered price, and will email them to you.

My Order System
If you choose to order this furniture from my workshop, or if you cannot place an order, you will NOT be charged for these designs/drawings/images.
I will need a 60% advance on the total with the remaining 40% paid upon delivery of the order.
If you choose to take my drawings/images to another workshop and contract them to make the piece, I can provide you additional drawings and specifications (materials list, sizes, fixings, etc). All drawings/images may be used at the cost of $45 per furniture piece.

My Payment System
Email for Banpro bank account details for a deposit or transfer; I will confirm when received.
In special cases, I can meet in person in Managua to pick up cash and drop off printed images.

A bit about me
I have been living in Nicaragua since 2001, and have worked for a furniture company in Managua for 2 years.
I started the workshop in 2006 and it employs four of us.  I studied Furniture Making & Design at Letterfrack Furniture College, Ireland, and worked near Bristol, England, in a prestigious furniture making shop.  I also have a B.S. in Furniture Production and Technology.
I have designed and implemented Production Systems in many factories to help monitor their production costs, scheduling, and efficiency.
In 2005 I built our straw bale house on the edge of a little village outside Managua. 

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